A native of the Black Hills of South Dakota, Richard DuBois has preferred traditional watercolor as his favorite medium. He attended the University of Wyoming, earning a Master of Arts Degree in Art, and continued post-graduate study in New England at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. DuBois has taught studio art at Black Hills State University since 1969 and also maintains the DuBois Studio and DuBois Gallery at his home in Rapid City, SD. Dick DuBois is the co-founder of the Northern Plains Watercolor Society and has served on the Board of Directors since it's inception in 1993. In addition to his studio work, DuBois participates in and conducts professional workshops in watercolor. He has been in numerous group and solo exhibitions and has juried competitions and invitational shows. His work is in permanent collections throughout the United States and is represented by galleries in the Midwest. DuBois has received numerous awards throughout the years for his work. His most recent awards include the Rapid City Chamber of Commerce Award for Liberal Arts Professional, 2004, BHSU's Alumni Association's 2005 Excellence in Education Award, the Gold Medal Award in the 2006 Northern Plains Watercolor Society Annual Competition, and the Allied Arts Fund "Heart for the Arts Award" in 2009.

"Twisted Sister"  is a DuBois favorite because it is a classic tornado image that reminds many of their hardships on the prairie."

"Journey in the Mist"  is a rather sentimental watercolor painted early in Richard DuBois' career, probably around 1975. It was painted at a time in his career where very limited palette was employed and DuBois relied on mood and atmosphere rather than color or detail.

Belinda's innate ability to capture the emotional essence of her subject is evident. Through her seamless movement, rich contrast, and elegant use of light and color, you are drawn into the heart and soul of her art and are emotionally touched and captivated.  This artist is drawn to a myriad of subjects in her life and the people surrounding her, woven together in similarity only by the natural beauty they share.  The freedom of her approach allows interpretation as she completes the artistic conversation with close attention to detail.

Belinda's early success with sold-out shows, awards and recognition has encouraged her to continue sharing her passion for life and nature’s exquisite beauty through her art.

"I wanted to paint the exquisite beauty of a falcon while capturing his powerful presence." -Lytle

"Mother's Watch" "Her life’s purpose….. protecting her young" -Lytle



"Born and raised in the mystical Black Hills of South Dakota, I was instilled with a deep-rooted passion for the western way of life at an early age. My love of nature and the outdoors fueled a desire to capture the world around me through my art.

A professional photographer and artist for over 25 years, I have discovered many forms of art in life and nature during my work and travels in Europe and the United States. During 15 years abroad, working as a photographer and graphic artist in Scandinavia, I was exposed to many new creative challenges.

After my return to South Dakota, I continued to explore alternative art and photographic art forms. I have added various artistic applications to the creation of my art and photography intent on taking it to the next level. This successful blending of mediums allows me to explore my love of photography and art in new and exciting ways." -Apelseth


Ware Lytle

Dance was the first art form through which Belinda’s passion to express herself began.  Bringing visual life to music while enveloping herself in pure emotion and self-expression through movement, line and grace guided her sixteen year professional ballet career.

Belinda (also known as Beth) then immersed and dedicated herself wholeheartedly into raising her family and running LytleWare her international line of dancewear. As time narrowly permitted, she began to explore her artistic journey further, this time expressing herself through the exciting medium allowed by watercolor's fluid life.  Recently, she ventured into the world of sculpting and was instantly captivated by the freedom of creation it offered. She gifted her first sculpture, “Waiting For My Soldier” to give infinite recognition, honor and gratitude to our military families. It now resides in the Governor’s Mansion in Pierre, South Dakota, and is touching lives across the country.  

"The Stand Off"

"Lakota Man"

"To photographers "capture" refers to catching a moment in time that tells a story. Much of my adult life has been spent capturing the wonders of the world we live in. I am inspired by the beauty and versatility of the Midwestern landscapes, people and places. My greatest joy in the artistic experience comes through the discovery of finding a new angle, a unique lighting or a different way of viewing my subject.

Art is about shadows, light, color, texture and form. Being able to share my art with

others is a privilege. It is a joy to convey the essence of a place, a person or an object,

to tell a story, share a memory and to lead others through my journey and hopefully let viewers

experience my sense of wonder...a small gift of a moment in time.

Much of my current work is "Digital Painting", a process where the original photograph is brought into a computer program and altered. Through a series of techniques, I paint and enhance the image, creating a new and unique work of art." -Apelseth

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"As Far As The Eye Can See" by Jeanne Apelseth